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Spotify Berantas Pengguna Aplikasi Bajakan

coachoutletonlinesai – Sejumlah pengguna Spotify mendapatkan email tentang aktivitas tidak normal dari akun mereka. Dikutip dari laman Redmonpie, usaha ini dilakukan Spotify untuk memberantas pengguna aplikasi Spotify bajakan atau yang telah dimodifikasi. Aplikasi streaming musik, Spotify dikabarkan memblokir layanan Spotify retasan atau bajakan. Versi bajakan ini memberi akses ke fitur berlangganan premium, tanpa bayar dan bebas iklan. Bagi pengguna yang mengakses Spotify versi bajakan, akan menerima e-mail peringatan bahwa terdapat aktivitas tidak normal di aplikasi Spotify yang sedang digunakan. Dalam peringatan tersebut, Spotify juga meyakinkan penggunanya jika akun Spotify mereka tetap aman dan bisa digunakan. Kiriman e-mail tersebut baru berupa peringatan, karena Spotify belum memberlakukan suspend (penangguhan) atau menghentikan akun-akun yang mengakses aplikasi abal-abal tersebut. Jika pengguna ingin mengaktifkan lagi akun Spotify-nya, perusahaan asal Swedia tersebut meminta pengguna untuk mencopot aplikasi Spotify gadungan terlebih dahulu, lantas mengunduh kembali aplikasi Spotify yang asli dari Google Play Store. Aplikasi bajakan ini biasanya diunduh dalam bentuk Android Application Package (APK) lewat situs-situs penyedia aplikasi bajakan/yang telah dimodifikasi. Untuk aplikasi Spotify, modifikasi dilakukan untuk mendapat akses ke Spotify premium.

Dari pantauan tim dewa togel MakeMac, penyalahgunaan akses Spotify yang beredar di pasaran saat ini adalah aplikasi modifikasi dan pencurian akun atau informasi kartu kredit untuk berlangganan. Contoh yang paling sering ditemui adalah menggunakan nama aplikasi Spotify++ dan carding. Tentunya pihak Spotify dan musisi favorit kamu menjadi yang paling dirugikan karena tidak mendapatkan royalti dari setiap musik yang kamu dengarkan dengan aplikasi modifikasi tersebut. Dengan akses premium, streaming musik bebas iklan dan pilih lagu sesuka hati bisa dinikmati tanpa harus membayar, seperti halnya fitur premium di Spotify asli. Spotify juga mewanti-wanti penggunanya bahwa akan menangguhkan dan menyetop akun Spotify, jika kedapatan mengakses Spotify bajakan kembali dengan akun yang sama. Dari pantauan Torrent Freak yang beberapa pengguna tidak bisa mengakses Spotify bajakan, sementara beberapa pengguna lain mengaku masih bisa mengakses aplikasi bajakan tersebut. Spotify memang sedang getol ingin memberangus aplikasi bajakannya. Pada 1 Maret kemarin, Spotify meminta pada Github untuk mencopot Spotify bajakan yang diberi nama “Dogfood” dari repositori Github.

Alternative Application of Windows Essential Substitute

If you are also one of them, then 5 applications and alternative software from Windows Essentials 2012 below is worth to glance.

My Techno – Ever heard of Windows Essentials 2012? Windows Essentials 2012 is a flagship program of Windows, which includes alternative a lot of applications that were then assessed by Microsoft can be useful for users. Windows Essentials 2012 also has several other types of applications such as, Family Safety, SkyDrive, Live Messenger, Outlook, Live Mail, Movie Maker, Live Writer, and Photo Gallery. Familiar with software and application above? Perhaps it is because the fact that Windows Essentials 2012 is loyal along with Microsoft and its judi poker online users until early this year 2017. Where after that, this company just decided to destroy Windows Essentials 2012 on January 10, 2017.

Admittedly, many users who have used a row of apps under Windows Essentials 2012 are feeling lost with this change. That ultimately makes them try to find other alternatives from the use of applications incorporated in Windows Essentials 2012.

If you are also one of them, then 5 applications and alternative software from Windows Essentials 2012 below is worth to glance.

1. Mozilla Thunderbird (Windows Live Mail) | Best Alternative

Before the era of Google and Gmail as it is today, Windows users are already familiar with Windows Live Mail app, which is usually combined with email from Microsoft itself. Windows Live Mail can also be used for email from other providers. Well now after Microsoft officially “turn off” Windows Live Mail, the user inevitably must start trying to find another alternative.

Windows 10, the latest series of Windows operating system already has its own application for email. But unfortunately not as perfect as Windows Live Mail. Therefore, another alternative that can be selected exactly is Mozila Thunderbird. Mozilla Thunderbird has many features and functions that are more or less the same as Windows Live Mail. Starting from sending emails, saving drafts, working offline, archiving emails, to special folders for spam.

2. Shotcut (Windows Movie Maker)

Losing Windoes Movie Maker is definitely an unexpected blow to be felt by Windows users.

Although in fact Windows Movie Maker is only able to work for the most basic video editing features and functions, such as trim video, crop, give color filters, combine image by image to get video results, add text and change transitions with anime, this app Was once a superior for novice users to make simple video content with ease.

Well if you are also looking for a video editing application with a function that is almost the same as Windows Movie Maker in Windows Essentials 2012, then the Shortcut can menjaid answer. Shotcut can convert videos, combine videos and photos, to give effect filters and animations on its transitions. And can also edit the audio anyway!

3. Open Live Writer (Windows Live Writer)

The bloggers may have to admit they are very missing Windows Live Writer applications. Although there are, most content writers do not use this application, this software application actually has the most functions and most unexpected.

From applications to writing, to editing, adding videos and photos from various sources, from camera to web, and instantly posting posts made to multiple platforms like WordPress and Blogpost. That is all? Another advantage of course there are still many. Well if you also suddenly feel the loss of Windows Live Writer, then Open Live Writer is also in Windows 10 can be an option.

4. Google Drive – SkyDrive (OneDrive)

Yes, without a lot of know actually Microsoft has completed the fate of SkyDrive or OneDrive in January. But do not worry because there are actually some other applications that can be used to replace this digital cloud storage applications.

The easiest and most familiar of course is Google Drive. Unlike SkyDrive, Google Drive is not only usable when users use Windows, but can also be accessed on android smartphone, iOS from Apple and Macintosh. In addition, the capacity is much larger. No loss right?

Yahoo and AOL Merger Companies Will Fired 1000 Employees

AOL and Yahoo will fired 1000 employee

My Techno – After the merger between AOL and Yahoo, according to a source, the company will soon terminate its employees’ employment on a large scale It is estimated that as many Domino online terpercaya as 1,000 workers will be dismissed. Although it looks a lot, but this amount is not up to 20 percent of the total workers AOL and Yahoo.

This step is already predicted. Therefore, both companies have redundancies of workers. Among them are personnel for human resources, finance, marketing, and general administration The merger process of both companies is expected to be completed next week. As we know, Verizon bought both companies. Combined both are expected to support technology and content on mobile telecommunications service operators in the United States.

The combined company AOL and Yahoo will get a new name, OATH. Plans to merge these two companies continue to be done in recent times This effort is quite time consuming because both companies have cohesive units with multiple assets and problems. OATH will be headed by AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, as Recode writes.

While many executives include Yahoo CEOs who quit the merger company. Marissa Mayer, former CEO of Yahoo, is one of those who will be laid off. The amount of severance he will receive is estimated at US $ 23 million (approximately Rp 306 billion), as written by Business Insider.

Some execs on Marissa Mayer’s leadership team are apparently consulting with many lawyer about what kinds of things would get them fired after the acquisition, according to another person close to the company This person believes that some of the execs are actually “trying to get fired” by Verizon Company should the deal close so they can walk with their big payday. If an exec could leave the job without walking from a lot of money, that’s appealing.