What To Say When You Flirt With A Girl (6 proven phrases)

today we talking about how to flirt with the girl and I'll be giving you specific examples %uh exactly what to say to a girl when you talk to her, and more importantly I'm gonna be giving you the underlying principles ovey Indies lines work , so you understand what flirting is really all about, and how you can even come up a smear own lines when you wanna flirt with the girl that you like now before I go into somebody examples explaining flirting , and its gonna give you up my secret tip to flirting okay it's called crash test dummies for flirting and in there ,its gonna teach you how you can get better at flirting an exact process a big xactly how to do that , again it's called crash test dummies for flirting read outpost and leave a comment below their tell me what you think,but more importantly go there see you can learn exactly how to take this process to the next level

Okay , so what is flirting and what's the point well we don't know it flirting is flirting is what I call the mating dance between a man and a woman, okay so in order to get a woman attracted to you have to do that mating dance this is what all animals all creatures have to do and flirting is the process in which ,that happens and what's the point if it well

It's going to like I said gonna get the girl a woman attracted to you and that's what you want and there's all different ways at different types of learning I've even talked about our flirting in a lot of other my videos but today we're going to just concentrate specifically on verbal flirting so exactly what to say to a girl .

So she knows that you're flirting with her and then you can get her to like you,ok I'm
so there's two parts to verbal its total flirting skis me ,his verbal and there's physical okay ,and like I said you know how some other videos on the channel there's how to how the girl which I just recently put out are theirs had a touch a girl in five ways to make her want you that would be more a physical flirting , so check out some of those videos also put that in the description below
as a reference point for you but again .

 Today,we'll talk more verbal Florida okay so those are the two types that are you
gonna clear with their verbal , and I physical okay , physical AKA I would allow be called non-verbal as well alright so here's the first line.

There's no knows no significant order for these ,it just a buncha lines that I know that I've used my students have used that it worked out really well , and you can understand with this stuff mean so this first one here is you know.

I don't think you work out between us you're just not my type, okay so now you've I think I role that sounds kinda harsh like you gonna head say that to a girl you know I don't think it could work opportunist you just not my type .

Okay ,so here's the trick for this one ,okay to make this flirty because he can to say that to a growth led to it would be pretty mean right you know I just don't they all work out richard is not my type , okay there's ways to say that but what he said it with a smile.

So that is the key here and that's part of learning to is when you say a these lines you wanna do it with the cat koi smile that's like I was like a haptic / smile to let her know that you're just having fun with her K that's what I would call the flirty smile ,and you say no way that psych you know .

I don't think in Cork opportunist you just not my type ID say that while you're smiling like you kidding just another you're joking around and the reason why this is flirting in this is kinda like that dance I was talking about is because you're bringing up this idea
that she could be your type right .

You're saying that she's not as a joke when you're starting to enter into the conversation like all wait a minute like we're talking about types oakwood but you're bringing up the Sadie are you to being together, and that's flirting is flirting is very a mysterious.

It's very like it's like subliminal attraction in a way it's like you're saying to the person you're attracted to them the like them , but you're not really coming a hundred percent
how with them okay and I'll show you what that might look like in a little bit with another example but after this one right here .

Okay here's another one this is one that what I would call more than intent typos statement , because you're being our really just out with it in terms of in terms of showing interest with this girl , okay to saying that blank looks amazing on you know you not gon say the word blank , but you're gonna say you know whatever it is that dress looks amazing on you write those hearings look amazing on you I you know that scarf looks amazing on you whatever it is that blank looks amazing on you , and that's flirting.

I'll get my guess is a little less subliminal here this is more likely to showing intent , but this is a way of learning because you're in you're still not really telling her that you like her you just giving her an awesome compliment and complements are one of the keys the keys to flirting .

Okay so that's kinda that up the underlying principle on this one is that you wanna you some sort a compliment to get a feeling with the good in showing that artists like your list hunger look whoa this guy may be into me like you want her to think the you
might be enter okay because she doesn't think that guess where you end up in the friend zone okay.

So use this one that blank looks amazing on you and as far as like when you should say this stuff you know it all depends I mean you can use this ,when you're in conversation with her you can use this.

I'm maybe like rain beginning of an approach it's kind of up to you can use is wherever it's up to you can't test it out uses lines in and see how it works for you and come up with some ear I'm the next one is I'm not sure what it is I'm not sure what it is yet, but there's something interesting about you ok , and I really like this one because this one is like another subtle way of saying like you're seeing her like you know unlike you by it you know I cannot share yet like you discover like playing with it again you can dancing with tears as idea not what you might have heard of called push polls like your.

You're pushing their way a little bit then you're bringing her in you know you're making it like you're not sure but you kind of are sure not sure again why you doing this wise as per the dance is the mysterious NIS thats sparks attraction and make sure like who is going to me

I'm not sure easy I like I don't know what it is , and plus if you do put everything on the line and you do just give her a bunch of like puns intended as a compliment then you dissed me showing that you're needy , and it it's not very alpha ok abt seal say

I'm not sure what is yet but there's here's something interesting about you like you when you know like a like.

I'm starting to dig in a little bit starting to get into you okay , and he'd say this one you know you first meet a girl on you talking to her and you know maybe talk in there for like - minutes in using how much truth is if there's something interesting about you.

Ok I the next one is something a little bit with more intent train say I'm not sure what it is yet but there's something I like about you so it just kinda different way of saying, and I wanted to give you a few options here.

I'm not sure what it is yet there's something I like about you , okay so thats that's another thing that I would say this is even I like this one better than last one it's a little bit more flirty I like using statements that are way more intentional serial you're telling her but again you're sorta telling her but you're not.

I am not sure when it is yet but there's something I like about you it's a very powerfully full alert asia's statement alright the next one is this one is you know bringing it to a little bit more on a sexual level look at if you keep talking like that I'm gonna have to spank you .

Okay and you're gonna do that one with I smile tips are not that one , you know that this one with a smile to you okay , because with this one again you wanna sure that you're being playful cannot only wanted to sail , I like this is if you make a connection don't say this right away its can be kinda creepy say when you guys already made a connection, and you know you can tell she's already starting to like you a little bit and

Again when you gonna say this you're gonna say this when she says something like maybe she's complaining about something which is saying something negative for she says something the you disagree with, and yours I can you know you can talk i dont have to spank you okay, and then issue a challenge in say go ahead and then you do it Ganesh like it.

Alright I'm here's another one I love this one what am I gonna do with you smile this one is really intense is one is like you not saying anything overtly sexual but there are, so many this as a lot a sexual connotation in this, and again very subliminal okay what am I gonna do with you and you do with a smile you know .

So she's just again you can't see this any time ago she's you know it secure seeing her when you're saying to her subliminally ,and just like with great eye contact but
in new home with a smile that you to really like her that's how you're saying about your not overly saying , I like you the same what am I gonna do with you you know it is very playful very sexual, so those are some might tips there it now if you you wanna hear more these if you want more verbal flirting lines , and here's what I want to do in the comment below.

I want you to write Bouda I want more exclamation point all in caps okay I wanna see how many comments we can get that says, Bouda I want more all in capitals with an exclamation point , I really funny to see all those, and its gonna show me that you want more these online .

So you can use them , so right the comments Bouda I want more , and then favorite I said go and check out on the blog might crash dept crash test dummies for flirting at my latest blog post which is gonna teach my secret tip to flirting in showing you how to get better at this okay on a breakdown into a science what you can do to get better at flirting in general .

thanks so much for reading this , don't forget to Comment ,share this article withe your friends , and I'll see you on the next articles.

How To Stand Out From Other Men So She Notices You

Let's talk about this concept that I call self R&A cut ,so self brand-name
is all about what makes you unique okay , it's about creating a bar and that is you cuz that's essentially what we're doing here , we are creating a brand cuz you are selling yourself.

I know that sounds weird and maybe that sounds an authentic ,but it doesn't matter or however you wanna put it you're selling yourself you're always selling yourself your son yourself to make a friend you sell yourself cupcake girl use on yourself in a job interview always selling yourself girls are signed themselves to you too right .

So they're actually you know trying their best to look as beautiful as possible, so that day came get guys like you.

Okay so that's what they're trying to do and you're going to do the same thing you're going to sell yourself in a way that is you that's the thing .

I can teach you how to be someone else we're gonna be you , but we're gonna make
that passed version you possible , so when it comes to self branding and about talking about yourself.

We want to start off with finding out what makes you unique , and hopefully very done the homework going to be where the game here , because your email list %uh all the stuff that makes you unique.

Okay let's go into it it's going to be your specialities , and your hobbies ,okay .

So things that you're good at things that you have skills & I don't care what it is I don't care even if it's something that you , may be thinking dorky to women like computer programming or anything whatever that was gonna make you K specialties and your hobbies okay.

Your style rape which we're gonna go over in a little bit here but your style makes you unique okay , and again you know going back to the title here why does it matter, because when your unique women are attracted to act because they see the same thing over and over.

So when they see something a little bit different ACE contrast start to get interested who is this guy? wow..  he's differ right that's going to spark a major attraction here your I attitude your optimism your zest for life , that was gonna make a unique

So many people in this world who walk around with negative attitude negative energy they're pessimistic they're dead they're depressed , and you know I'm trying to come down people or depressed that socks but but either way that's not going to help attract a woman.

It's just not right your general positive attitude , and just craving life in being excited for life that is going to be the key to making you unique because most people aren't most people in this world recession America.

They're stressed out , they're super stressed out and of course that negative energy which girls don't on and its just not unique a unique to be stressed out are all stressed out.

 It's refreshing when a girl meets you , and you're excited your energies positive you feel good about stuff you say you know I'd you see things that are are generally um yet is positive.

You know just a really good things and and things that you're excited about okay, that's what's gonna make you very special a new job your job what you do for a living
know what you study year which you plan on I'm doing there, or what you plan on building for a career , or maybe you're gonna build a business later on or investments whatever it is ,but basically your job because most you were watching this right.

Now you have a job , that's what makes you unique to you know whatever that is it defines you , but let me just say this there's a reason why your job is not the only thing.

I'm here because yes he may work at a job that's  to hours a week , see me think oh that's what makes you unique in that would define you , but that's not true.

Now to find you its all these things here that I listed help define who you are it's not just your job love.

This Guy Says He'll Pay $10,000 To Get A Girlfriend !!!

Today wanna talk to you about our very interesting article that I read here recently on the internet in its title that this man all paid ten thousand dollars to find him girlfriend , and I want to give my thoughts on this cuz I think there's something.

So we can learn so if you haven't heard already about this stories gone viral course it has because this is a very random interesting thing to pay somebody ten thousand dollars to get you a girlfriend , so the whole idea is this guy has been unsuccessful dates which in my opinion is really not that many got some interesting stats here , and he's done some the unsuccessful Bates that he will pay someone ten thousand dollars if they end up sending him the information other girl and date and then he ends up dating them ,and they did for six months okie dates for six months

He will pay that person ten thousand dollars okay , so I will say this this is a very unique way meeting a woman I associate you hope,  it works out for my I wish in the past , but the end the day I think this is kinda lazy way to do things so he's been
on a lot of unsuccessful dates it hasn't worked out for him.

I guess at this point he was assuming thats maybe it hasn't worked out because the girls haven't been a good pic I guess he's done , he says he's done every type dating is done online dating is that ap dating it doesn't really mention meeting people in person , he says like you know got bars and stuff for meeting people that might approach I you mentioned something about him meeting people to friends , and so all this stuff is not working for him.

Now it bugs me a little bit because I wonder if maybe the reason this him, so this could be a he's trying to save time here but this could be a big waste of time because
what if he ends up getting sent all these girls , and yes the sector which by the way Zanetti even more time to do he's gonna sit there all these girls find out somehow which one is good for him if he gets to pick , and then finds out after maybe another
unsuccessful dates .

It's still not working up maybe this is not his end goal like this is gonna be you know did definitive way to meet a woman is greatest testing out to see if it works , but the reason why don't like this .

I don't like this idea and I don't want anyone who resisted think like wow this is a cool idea at this guys doing this you know if you have ten thousand dollars lying around you should go , and pay some random person if they introduce you to a girls , he says it's time-efficient maybe , it could be if I guess it happens in the find someone fairly quickly.

So here's my take away he's gonna do something like this you know it more
power to go ahead  this website up see if that works for you , but I believe your time is going to be better invested into working on your social skills ,and working on the takes a women that you want to attract , so this guy says you're his website look at this way if you work  hours per day which  I guess that's all of the works how would you want to spend a few waking hours you are left probably not standing around in a bar with your fingers crossed this is way more fun for me.

Okay sounds fun sounds like it's good for him let me tell you something , it's gonna be way better if you go out there and work in your social skills ,and work on becoming more attractive man and being able to you - win on the types eliminates that you're interested in you have to just do that at a bar in fact you can do that too much anytime you want you can do things for fun on the weekends you can find people that you know do the same things that you do going out there , and experiencing people ,and attracting that way , and so the story of a website like this that's just gonna be kinda look at least the man's way of doing things, and also he lacks control here

I mean that's the worst thing everyone be in control love your dating life that is credible website hoping that some girl ends up you know send you some sort email he says keep .

I just wanna stand on a par with your fingers crossed who stands around a bar thing was crossed hoping for the best , go to a party girl a social event to meet people UT approaching rights you who's taking that step.

So I hope this is just not his only way out trying to meet the next woman because he's gonna be wasting a lot of time in my opinion not going out in trying to do this.

I guess you work  hours a day if that's the case has this guy didn't have time to date I don't know anyways this isn't really about him, so you understand that you got the work, and to meet and attract women okay.

There are so many options available to you using the app's online dating meeting people out about wherever you are, but I want you to consider okay consider the fact that you are investing in yourself when you put the work in to go out to eat women approach a minute talk to women , and not just let some website do the work for you and let things come to you.

Okay , so hope that makes sense those it is on my thoughts are your thoughts what do you think about this guy would you think about a look at the link to this article saying to yourself the comment below on hear from you favorite to the site coming out more articles .

How To Attract Women By 3 Proven Body Language Tricks ?

Today we're going to talk about a few by the league which tricks that are scientifically proven it done research on the stuff and stuff actually use myself that are going to help you attract more women into your life.

Ok now with these I want you understand why this stuff is so powerful body
language in terms of communication makes up 70 % , or more there's been a lot of
things out there that some say  something stayed behind the ok point is bothering which is very very important in terms of communication, because that's one of the things that were picking up on as humans we look interacting with someone else so cool thing about it is that you learn how to use your bodily which the alternate heating not just women but with anyone .
You have really powerful interactions and back you can be very persuasive discuss pretty powerful stuff first thing is dancing a sort of four women are attracted to men who were good dancers but why why is that important , I want you to understand why ?

So you can go out there and dance lessons were really in touch with your body and touch with your body movement so dancing on studies that they actually it shown man is a good dancer , he kinda so communicates to the woman that that guy is good and bad right all those kind of loose movement says doing is really in touch with his body of course that might be better hopefully he is hope you are too.

Alright , so dancing is something that can really really turn on the scientific reason is because when you're able to move your body and the way they see a dancer it shows it shows that you are really touch with your body and also that you have a lot of energy right and that is something so dancing really important go out there and try to learn a few classes , and I help you track moment of us to take classes guarantee it will be a few girls in this class is so will not a bad place to meet some girls .

Ok the next one is touching other men , I know sounds a little weird right so what does this have to do with attracting all the women will let you say,  for example that you are in a bar and you go up to a group of people and guys  , and girls how can you use this to your advantage and why does it work with you don't want to do when you start talking to the people and start getting them interesting you start to like you what you might wanna do is you might want to make sure you're shaking the guy's hands group .

Ok , so he can do you put your hand on my shoulder for second if you say something funny or says school maybe say on that I like this guy a little light slap you're not doing it in this kind of mean we're doing it in a genuine way lucky like that guy and the woman or the women will see that and it's gonna show her social dominance .

Ok,  they're gonna see if you're very comfortable talking , and touching other and it shows that you have a higher social status , because you're comfortable with all the people around you not a lot of guys are comfortable talking to other guys strangers the woman sees that she's gonna be extracted .

So think about that next time group of people make sure that you're not watching the girls because of course you want to do that to attract them which also doing some light non sexual touching to some of the guys ok interesting stuff now the next one last one for today is this idea call space maximization ok .
Space maximization which basically means wanna take up space now you want to come space .

now only when you're kind of standing we're talking to people but you want to do it , also when you're walking again make this up the stuff is done studies on this actually
was up a bunch of guys to these lights are saying only that their body having women watch this , and the women are saying which are more attractive and those are the ones I had space maximization open space .

So you can do this in two ways one look at just told you if you're standing by the open ok,  and make sure your legs are kind of spread apart a little bit you're taking up space you going to be cross Rd don't want to be taken up as much space as possible not too much work kind of ridiculous where you at your legs are spread and make yourself short obviously that's going a little overboard by take up as much space as possible without looking too weird that the other day and this is really unknown.

I don't think we're anywhere ok ,this idea of space maximization with walking so it's actually more attractive , when a man is walking more lateral movement so it's kind of slow moving his arms a little bit , and again going to go overboard with this could make sure you're walking or taking up space as you swing your arms ok don't be instead when you walk .

So you can use this when you gonna have to walk over kind of moving around a little bit and taking decently big steps again , that two bids kind of weird looking but keep that in mind as you're going you're walking in your approaching space maximization now if you want to learn or other crucial and quality and language.

I want to check out this guest blog post on the blog on my website.Really quote by then we lose their gonna help you attract more women so go check that out right now you.

How To Get A Girl To Chase You ?

Today we'll be talking about how to get a girl to chase you and she's got some amazing tips writing stuff down she's a good ready for this, and she's gonna show you exactly how to do it so gross was take away okay ?
we've got long him short okay?

Know it when go the shorter a pic short , and to get a woman cheap here number one
you have to be available but not too available, I mean by that sure like live in the moment said he would keep family with your friends you're out doing W where can she call don't just drop everything .

So you know keeper at a distance but not weird porn actress , let him know that there are things going on your life right so it's like , she's not the center of attention you have other things going yet , and I think that means that you will be displaying the guy will be displaying .

This media switches really unattractive , yeah exactly okay cool yes so when she knows that you know you've got stuff going on me interesting way am again short  is you want to be a dick , but not too much a different look you know not too much of a dick you want to be just the right amount .

So that could mean I do now maybe not pulling aback for a couple of days that if the debt but he could be busy you can make excuses as to why you look right okay ?

So this is like you're playing games.

Now, here girls are okay with that goes okay with the gameplay pc bath when the long Tim income , because it you recognize the Gilly dating likes to play games the long-term vision how to get women to chase you is to basically play here.

The only way the evening at JC want keep her interested to keep it attracted to you
everything so  many have this think  getting to know actually listening to what she have to say remembering cheap housing the tenor on think the tenor of things that make take things she hates things,  that upsets about not be could be used against up ,but that you can remember it , and use it when the times right .

So for example , and you kids she could find out that her personality is she the T she believe she , and she's funny she like the light-hearted lap she's not serious you can mara had his knowledge which will kinda make her a little bit like taking back gonna play in her to run game , and so long to him that makes more track teams shitty keep I hope you I get widget going down get okay.

So we're talking earlier about how if you remember or some other things that she does like that you can do something for the future talk about that a little bit 

So a PC get to know the girl you get something that you like things that she loves thing she's passionate about , and if you can remember them and use them with can't do nice things take us someplace she's been talking about know maybe I something little you know she likely the paper food those kinda things women don't get.

So that also makes us want to chase you long  because we think this guy's been listening to what we've been saying he taken note he's actually gone out of his way to do it.

Get it just makes it more it makes us want to invest in the chase guys be a good listener to have been saying the whole time listen in you get to know her gonna know how to get hurt like you as the key right yeah  , and you know being a nice guy isn't way the the one thing that everyone kinda.

Get misled on being the nice guy does make achieved , but that's the long Tim remember the short n you got to available you have to make sure the she's aware that you have another life .

You know you've got things around she isn't the complete hunter be well , but that the beginning so as you get no head you do nice things for and so the chase will continue she appreciates the this like .

who guys you heard it here .. with prince was good quality wanna learn more about her , and followed on Twitter on it .

How To Break Up With A Girl

Today we're talking about how to break with gardeners Question three times in the past and hopefully this is not,something that you go through but many cases it's inevitable dating girls might, just not work out you might have to break up with them .

So I want to give you some really important points you need to know when you break up with someone, stuff that I've learned personally over the years and other things that I've read and i've heard about in terms of how to deal with really heavy emotions and especially in some sort of complex argument or discussion with another person .

So let's go with us first of all it goes without saying the number one key in a breakup is a sec gotta make sure you're breaking up with the girl , and you're talking to her letting her know exactly how you feel ,why this is happening why the relationship to a wide dating isn't working out , and just be very upset this is going to be one of the hardest things.

That you're gonna have to do because it is difficult to let someone know that , you're not interested in them and that's why I'm making this article card today right , it's hard to really be able to say those things about a person because you don't want to make them feel bad or maybe you do because they did something terrible to you soon will be easy for them but either way is just the best policy let them know , because if you don't tell the true they might not think.

That you're telling the truth and then this breakup could be much much longer,because they're gonna still try to extract everything lot of you .

So it's always in your benefit to just be honest as possible now with that being said you want to be as soon as possible so be specific if you're speaking in
generalities , or they they're also going to be very confused,  and it's really just not that great at all because they got him know exactly what's going on so speak specifically , but at the same time you don't want to over explain ok.

 So you're saying the same things over and over and being very redundant then what's gonna happen is that that person is used to be ripped to shreds and very powerful so say once say specifically make your main points , and then move on the conversation another.

Important point is I believe this is just my opinion kind of up to you at this point , but you should do it in person.

Ok , now the only exceptions or if you've been out of maybe one or two dates maybe through for a date something like that at that point you know phone call not the worst idea texting I just don't think it's a good idea at all i mean ,it's just it just doesn't help .

So I think phone call or meeting in person probably meeting in person,  it's been over maybe four or five days something around that area is the best to do you want to be a man about it.

Ok of course you're never going to go all the way to hurting the person , but you want to be as upfront sure as possible and give them the respect give them the time of day to meet up with them and let them know how and more importantly our view text messages next you want to do this as soon as possible second that your mind has been made us for sure you're not interested in this person , and you don't want to delay his first of all we're gonna do you jerk by leading them on thinking about something is great when it's not and also you want to move on to want to start you know continuing your journey finding someone else's can be suitable for you .

So make sure that you do it as soon as you know again interest possible do not delay even for a day .

Lastly maybe one of the most important things and there's so much to talk about on this topic but do keep it short , but whenever you explain to someone why it didn't work out , or even if you're in the complex argument with somebody never point fingers , ok never played seniors and see you did this you did this you hurt me you did this instead you want to use a different type of language is something that I learned in terms of you walk to basically say I so instead of saying you heard me say I feel hurt .

Ok , so everything she started with I feel they don't put the blame on them just let them know how you feel , and how it's affected you that is the most mature way and the most pleasant way possible to be able to explain to someone your emotions and feelings if they've done , and you are there or if it's just not working out, and so there you go tons more talk about on this topic , but that's just a brief overview of some of the key things that you want to deal ever breaking up with , and if you're
coral and you're watching this all this stuff goes for you to this is pretty much for anyone breaking up with anyone.

Those are some things you wanna make sure you to trust me it's better for you
in the long run , it's better for your Explorer in the long run.

 So take those and use them now just getting back in the dating game and you want to start meeting someone who is quality .

c you next article :)

7 Dangerous Mistakes YOU Make With Women

A lotta guys get really bad advice whether it's from a friend or their parents are just my bad blog , and I just think that with the wrong advice you could be making some really big mistakes, and those mistakes comida negative results and women like rejections no dates,and a lot more one piece of advice guys get is the play hard to get that's one way for sure but I'm all about going to Iraq letting a woman no that you like her , because this is desire which is attracted to a woman.

You just have to play with the balance M desire purses neediness but I'm all about being open and honest with how it feel about a woman never really a big fan of games and don't think I should play them another bad piece of advice is about when that call or text a girl .

The common thing is the three-day roll right I've even heard wait a whole week I personally think this is ridiculous the girl likes you or she doesn't again no games you need to wait that long to contact a girl anything all about the one day we'll call or text within  hours after meeting, if she likes you should be excited to hear from you it's really just as simple as that , this is a new i heard recently never stop talking on a date .

There should never be a silence okay I'm I understand when you first approach a
woman ,but on a date it's perfectly normal to relax in the comfortable silence when you can sit comfortably with someone you can really make a strong connection , its those moments when you start talking about nonsense the cover-up asylums that makes things really awkward never the silence itself take a date to the movies worst thing you could do movies are for relationships not date .

I would tell guys that they should refrain from taking a woman anywhere where they can't talk to be active that's how you really get to know someone a movie doesn't help that cause a movie date is somewhere a guy takes a girl when he can come up with   something better my challenge man across the globe to become more creative when it comes to dates if the movies is your only option you have to start thinking on another level or else this is just a waste a bit dated .

 I've also heard over the be a jerk since women like assholes and dirksen batboys known away that is true women do like bad boys and they tend to be attracted to bad boys, but here's the problem is that women might flock to those men the day also believe them eventually those don't stick the best option is to be able to be a good guy not an asshole .

What happened to the bad boy mentality that consists of competence spontaneity not catering to your every move non meanest ,and he's in there from time to time well here's another one minute here more than anything else be yourself a lotta guys get that advice and it's true on some level but not completely.

I always say that you don't want to be yourself instead,and upgraded version of         yourself the you who is trying to get girls isn't necessarily working right now so you need to elevate yourself start to fix all the areas of your life are adding to your first film it.

Learn how to talk to girls get a job that you actually enjoy
travel for the hell did break up a routine that's keeping you down
that's the way to start improving your cell.

How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend And Get A Yes

today we're talking about how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend ?
why do you need to know this?

 well a lot of people make mistakes when asking girls to be their girlfriend which can cause very awkward situation and or a growth of flat out reject you , today I'm going to show you how to do it right minimize the chances of rejection and get yourself into a relationship that's right for you along with went to do it exactly what to say and stick around until the very end,because you'll want to use all of the tapes in this article .

now if you want to ask a girl to be your girlfriend is there something that you have to figure out before you do it are you two dating I know this sounds crazy , but for a lot of guys out there they jumped the gun real fast and assume that a girl likes them and is dating them it sounds delusional,  but many guys think girls into them , but they're completely wrong.

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so before you jump in that asking a girl to be your girlfriend make sure you guys are actually going on dates and that she actually likes you at this point it should be painfully obvious that she is interested in you before you ask him to be your girlfriend and you shouldn't know because at this point you guys should have been physical which leads me to my next point

now there are some exceptions to this but in general you don't ask a girl to be your girlfriend unless you guys have been extremely physical at each other all the way up to Sac it's not the best move to lock yourself into a committed relationship with someone unless you know that you have sexual chemistry think about it for a second imagine you ask a girl to be your
girlfriend finally have sex comparable ok

the first time we can be rough but by the fifth sixth the th time it's still bad in this relationship is going to get sour quickly get physical with her before you commit you'll be doing both yourselves big favor ok

 so at this point you know she likes you you've been physical with her, so when are you supposed to ask a girl to be your girlfriend , of course this is different for different people , but I would sail good average is  months again could be shorter it could be a little bit longer , but three months is a solid average now in these three months he should have been done plenty of date had a decent amount of sex and spent a good amount of time together

 so why am I saying on this?  because you don't want to get into a relationship with the girl or get her to be your girlfriend unless you know her pretty well of course you get to know a person more and more as time goes on the more you date but after about three months of time together you start to see a person's true colors again sometimes last sometimes a bit more but it's crucial to see many sides of a person before you decide to commit .

 so you can raise the chances of a successful relationship last what are you supposed to say to her when you want her to be your girlfriend while through a simple do something fun and romantic with her that too cheesy like a candlelit dinner although that would be terrible, and when you're doing this set aside a time and tell her that you like

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where things are headed and you don't plan on seeing anyone else but her thats it is that weird for her to respond back and if you followed everything .

 I said in this article she should agree and boom you got yourself a girl , if you want to learn how to turn your new girlfriend on or even do it with the girl before you get
into a relationship

 so click in the star for favorte this site thank you so much for reading, I'll see you on the next

6 Ways To Get A Girl To Respect You

Today we're talking about how to get a girl torespect you.

This question has come up a lot from students and subscribers , and it's a great question because if a girl doesn't respect you , you won't be able to be attracted to you especially in relationship girl , will not stay with you for a long as she doesn't feel that respect and guys , who aren't respected are usually thrown into the friend zone or just not friends at all .

So today I will be showing you different ways to get a girl to respect you before I tell you that don't forget to check out a new free pdf I have for you it's called the job statement this is a quick guide will show you how to talk about what you do for a living.

When you talk to a girl to make it sound unique and interesting so if you have trouble telling girls what you do? and you want it ?to sound awesome without lying and check this out right here in the screen or in the description below.

Now let's talk about respect one massive way to gain respect is to make firm decisions stick to them , and don't dilly dally a man, who can stick to his guns will always gain respect , because he stands behind his beliefs when you're more wishy washy you were less reliable and therefore less respected.

For example : when asking a girl out on a date spot a time and go with them or is there something you have an opinion on when talking to a girl don't just agree with everything , that she said stick with how you feel next a girl won't respect you ?
if you don't make a move on her if she likes you , and you like her ask her out go for the can't tell her you like her,

She wants to be with a guy who was certain about her,  if she's unsure how you feel about her ? she was slam you right into the friendzone be courageous , and let her know how you feel also in order to gain respect you can't be a people pleaser you have to do the things,  they you want to do in life and stand by your beliefs like.

 I said earlier nothing is more unattractive, and being a follower followers are interested acted leaders are .

For example :if you're the guy who says to a girl, well let's just do whatever you want to do this will immediately turn her off,she wants a man with personality and can stand by something next communicate with the girl honestly no you don't have to let her know every single thought , that enters your brain will let her know all of your truth .

For example  : what you do for a living
be proud of it ?
how you feel about her?
how you feel about what's happening?

In this situation happening right in front of wherever you are when i'm
saying is this don't be ashamed to talk about what's true ?and what's real?

This will gain method respect similar to the last one is being consistent with your words and your actions,  when you say that you're going to do something do it if you say you're gonna do something for her , just do it if you say you like to help people hopefully you do charity work if you say that you have free time to do things don't always flake or canceling plans consistency is the key to being respected last and certainly not least is being on time know .

I know this sounds like kind of shut off and they'd be obvious , but people look at
this is a huge indicator of respect, it's easy to be related things you know ,it's
hard being on time and that hard you show respect people's time when you're
on time, and also it shows you're putting in the extra effort it's one of the
great character traits that often overlooked and I suggest you make this
high priority

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